CFA American Shorthair - Scottish Fold


Retired - Friendly - Social - Gentle

Adult American Shorthair -Available

Small Cat Breeder - Working with rare colors of Amerian Shorthair and Scottish Fold - Agility trained - Gentle- Calm-Friendly-Social-Confident- Showable- Outgoing-Famous in commercials - TV -print adds and on pet food products.

Raised one litter at a time.

Enjoyed by the public at local Cat Shows

Link to commerical 4 of my kitten appear Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCCKR4P91G4

Grand - Gallery

Home Grown CFA Grands

GP Silverlight Abraham Lincoln

GP Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower

GP Silverlight Eleanor Roosevelt

Cat Show Titles

Grand Champions

Sire and Dame

GC Clowntown's Shining Silvery Pearl

RW GC Silver Mark's Mr. Big

MY Cats

CFA American Shorthair / CFA Scottish Fold

Silver Tabby

Silver Ticked Tabby

Shaded Silver and More Tabby Colors

American Shorthair


GP Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower

AKA Monty the Monkey

GP Silverlight Eleanor Roosevelt

GP Silverlight Abraham Lincoln

The kittens in this commercial are Silverlight Mary Todd, Silverlight George Washington, and Silverlight Abagail Adams, additionally Silverlight Ronald Reagan was filmed but this version does not include him

What's new with Silverlight Cattery?

1St CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Abraham Lincoln - Jan. 9, 2016

2nd CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower - March 12, 2016

3rd CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Eleanor Roosevelt - April 30, 2017

Watch for updates... more Grands are on the Horizon




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