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Goals: promote kittens raised underfoot, happy,

loving, healthy, socialized, showable, and gentle animals

one litter at a time.

Retired - Friendly - Social - Gentle

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Home Grown CFA Grands

GP Silverlight Abraham Lincoln

GP Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower

GP Silverlight Eleanor Roosevelt

Cat Show Titles

Grand Champions

Sire and Dame

GC Clowntown's Shining Silvery Pearl

RW GC Silver Mark's Mr. Big

American Shorthair

Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower

AKA Monty the Monkey

MY Cats

CFA American Shorthair

Silver Tabby - Silver Ticked Tabby and Shaded Silver

What's new with Silverlight Cattery?

1St CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Abraham Lincoln - Jan. 9, 2016

2nd CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Dwight D Eisenhower - March 12, 2016

3rd CFA Grand for Silverlight Cattery - Silverlight Eleanor Roosevelt - April 30, 2017

Watch for updates... more Grands are on the Horizon




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