Silverlight Cattery

CFA-TICA Cattery

Silverlight Cattery is a new  CFA Cattery.  Currently we are focusing on producing  - Silver Tabby American  Shorthair pure breed CFA and TICA registered cats.

Goldenlight Cattery is a brand new cattery focusing on Golden Ticked Tabby British Shorthair and will expland into other colors with time.


Why are  the kittens pictured outside?

Carefully I allow my beautiful cats and kittens out  in my maple tree or carefully placed on a table near my garden. Cat training begins at a young age, first allowing the kittens to be carried around the house until they can be handled easily.  Next I carry the cats around outside on my shoulder.   Then they are carefully trained to  walk across tree branches or in my garden. Learning to be comfortable outside helps training process for Cat Shows.  Cat  Shows are noisy.  Cats get upset with new noises and sights by allowing the kittens learn to adjust quickly to  other new enviroments.

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Kitten's ready!